The Gift #10 : In us

The pruner in the pruned
‘Pruner in the Pruned’ (photo: Irene Bom)

The Gift booklet
12-part series of readings and
prayer poems on the Holy Spirit


2 Timothy 1:13-14 (NIV)
Paul writes, ‘What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus. Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you – guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.’



Spirit who lives in me,
help me guard the good deposit treasure
entrusted to me.
Help me keep going strong.

I am a potential joy and crown
to those invested in me,
if I keep the faith
and pass it on.

I can’t do it without you.

by Irene Bom

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