3 prayers for prisoners of conscience


Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are ill-treated as if you yourselves were suffering.


Here are 3 prayers for those who took a stand against injustice and pay the price.



Lord, I pray for my brothers and sisters
who are in prison because of their stand against injustice,
and for all the other people who have ‘disappeared’.
I pray for those undergoing torture;
Lord, give them strength, and the sense that they are not alone.
In particular I hold before you
those who believe that the world has forgotten them.
May they know that there are people who care,
and who are praying for them.
Jesus, arrested and tortured yourself,
be with them now,
and hold them in your wounded hands.

~ written by Angela Ashwin,
from The Book of a Thousand Prayers by Angela Ashwin, #457


Uphold, O God, all who are
persecuted or imprisoned for their beliefs.
Be to them a light showing the way ahead;
a rock giving them strength to stand;
a song singing of all things overcome.

~ written by Richard Harries,
from The Book of a Thousand Prayers by Angela Ashwin, #461


We pray justice
for the falsely accused,
freedom for the wrongly imprisoned,
healing for the tortured or abused,
care for the orphan and widow,
concern for the refugee and dispossessed,
and above all forgiveness
for our emotional detachment.
May we weep as you weep,
love as you love,
and not be afraid to be angry
for the sake of your children,
wherever they might be.
In our helplessness we ask,
Lord, enfold them in your love.

~ written by John Birch,
posted on faithandworship.com

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