Ancient Irish Prayer

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Here is an Ancient Irish Prayer, selected for its multiple references to water, our current theme of the month.

The prayer incorporates Latin phrases from the Gloria, an ancient hymn of praise to the Trinity that has been in use in the Church since the second century: Laudamus Te, benedicimus Te, adoramus Te, glorificamus Te. In English: “We praise You, we bless You, we adore You, we glorify You”.

Glorificamus Te!

I offer Thee
Every flower that ever grew
Every bird that ever flew
Every wind that ever blew
Good God!
Every thunder rolling
Every church bell tolling
Every leaf and sod

Laudamus Te!

I offer Thee
Every wave that ever moved
Every heart that ever loved
Thee, thy Father’s Well-beloved
Dear Lord!
Every river dashing
Every lightning flashing
Like an angel’s sword

Benedicimus Te!

I offer Thee
Every cloud that ever swept
O’er the skies, and broke and wept
In rain, and with the flowerlets slept
My King!
Every communicant praying
Every angel staying
Before Thy throne to sing

Adoramus Te!

I offer Thee
Every flake of virgin snow,
Every spring of earth below
Every human Joy and woe,
My love!
O Lord! And all thy glorious
Self o’er death victorious
Throned in heaven above

Glorificamus Te!

from The Open Gate: Celtic Prayers for Growing Spiritually
by David Adam, p. 44-45


Recently a friend remarked that the song “All things bright and beautiful” is like a 2-minute walk through nature. This prayer is also a walk through nature, but, without the music to keep us moving, it’s up to us how long we take to cover the distance.

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