The work of our hands

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Here is a prayer of blessing for workers of all kinds, written by Carol Penner, with a unifying theme of hands – strong hands, capable hands, practical hands, determined hands, artistic hands, loving hands, Christ-like hands.
This is the first post in our new series, “Work”.


A prayer

Bless the work of our hands, O God.

Bless the hands that work the land;
hands that move earth, plant seeds and harvest,
hands with callouses and dirty fingernails, strong hands.
Bless the hands that use machines;
hands that drive cars, trucks and forklifts,
hands on computer keyboards, capable hands.
Bless the hands that make things;
hands that manufacture and create,
working wood and metal and plastic, practical hands.
Bless the hands that clean;
hands that wash, mop and scrub,
hands that know what to do with soap, determined hands.
Bless the hands that make music and art;
hands that play instruments and hold paintbrushes,
hands that are creative tools, artistic hands.
Bless the hands that care for people;
hands that cook and feed, heal and nurture,
hands with a gentle touch, loving hands.
Bless the hands that are generous;
hands that give away money and food,
hands that are always trying to be empty, Christ-like hands.
Bless the tiny, baby hands.
Bless the strong adult hands.
Bless the hands that are folded in prayer.
Bless the hands that are lifted in praise.
Our hands do the work of your hands,
O God our Creator.  Amen.
by Carol Penner, from leadinginworship website

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