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PAX is the largest peace organization in the Netherlands. They work to protect civilians from the violence of war, to end armed violence and to build inclusive peace. They do this in conflict areas worldwide, together with local partners and people who believe, as they do, that everyone has the right to a dignified life in a peaceful society.

In 2015 PAX teamed up with the Dutch Council of Churches to organize their first Walk of Peace. More than 100 Walks of Peace have taken place all around the country since then.

The Walk of Peace is a walk of and for peace. A walk to experience and to show that, despite our differences, we can still get along.

PAX’s 2021 Walk of Peace will be held in Zwolle this coming Saturday, 18 September.

You can go on a Walk of Peace too, anytime, right where you are – to pray for peace and peacemakers and affirm your commitment to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, our Prince of Peace. And take some friends along with you.


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