Quiet my heart



Quiet my heart, quiet my mind
Gentle Jesus, I seek and I find
I rest in your presence, Prince of Peace.
Shepherd, lead me beside quiet streams
I wrote this song last month, as part of the current 12 Song Challenge hosted by resoundworship.org.   The recording features my friend, Margriet van Overbeeke, singing harmony.


(inspired by Psalm 37:3-9)

Trust in God, and do what is good;
live with quiet confidence where God has placed you.
Delight in God’s presence,
and you will have all that your heart desires.
Commit everything you do to God — trust Him completely —
and He will never let you down.
Be patient.
Don’t worry or get upset when things don’t go well.
Instead, learn to rest in God’s presence.
For those who trust in God will have everything they need.

~ from re:worship

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