For all the saints

Fellow presbyters in Malta, waiting for the bus (Photo: Irene Bom)

A prayer

For all the saints who went before us
who have spoken to our hearts and touched us with your fire,
we praise you, O God.

For all the saints who live beside us
whose weaknesses and strengths are woven with our own,
we praise you, O God.

For all the saints who live beyond us
who challenge us to change the world with them,
we praise you, O God.

by Janet Morley. Posted on the RevGalBlogPal’s A Place for Prayer.


I’m just back from the Presbytery meeting in Malta, where I had the opportunity to speak about this blog and get people excited about using it and even contributing to it.

I have a guest post lined up from Israel for later this month, and a number of the saints in the Presbytery have agreed to help me with a daily series of posts for Advent. I’m excited.

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