A holy space

A “Black Lives Matter” protest march, Rotterdam, June 2020 (Photo: Irene Bom)


“All life is a parable … listen to it.”
Frederick Buechner, from a Rewrite Radio podcast

As humanity reels from one crisis to another, let us pay attention to what God is saying to us in and through the particulars of our lives and our times.

Clear a Holy Space

inspired by Isaiah 11: 1-10

Laboring God,
with axe and winnowing fork
you clear a holy space
where hurt and destruction have no place,
and a little child holds sway.
Clear our lives of hatred and despair,
sow seeds of joy and peace,
that shoots of hope may spring forth
and we may live in harmony
with one another. Amen.

~ from Revised Common Lectionary Prayers

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2 thoughts on “A holy space”

    I liked the Grace notes!!
    HOPE all is well with you. Gillean is doing a great job here in Lausanne, holding us together with daily prayers and on line Sundays. We are so fortunate that the good Lord sent her to us.
    Bless YOU in your daily activities for HIM.
    Warm thoughts,

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