Little eyes

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As we bring this month’s theme to a close, a very short story about a three-year old with a seasonal application and a prayer for children.

My father was once walking on the beach with his three-year old grandson when the little boy stopped, picked up a tiny fragment of a seashell, and began to examine it. My father bent down and, looking at the tiny fragment, he asked the boy, ‘How could you see such a tiny shell?’ ‘Because,’ said the boy, ‘I have little eyes.’

That is what we need at Christmas – little eyes – so that we may see, in a way we have never seen before, the wonder that lies in Bethlehem.

from To Taste and See, Exploring Incarnation and the Ambiguities of Faith by Thomas Mann, (p.52)

A prayer

Lord Christ,
we bring before you the world of children.
We bring their openness and friendliness,
their sense of enquiry and creativity.
Forgive our readiness to classify and divide,
to label and separate.
Forgive our voices of experience,
and our demand for their conformity.
Help us to understand and encourage them,
that their spirits may be lifted,
their imaginations quickened,
and their vision broadened,
for your world’s sake.

by J. Dickson Pope (adapted)
from The Book of a Thousand Prayers by Angela Ashwin, #409

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